About me

Manel GuerreroManel Guerrero, musician.

Guitarist and composer born in Barcelona in 1978.

Influenced from an early age by the music of The Beatles and the figure of John Lennon, I started playing the guitar at age 13 being interested mainly by the composition and music production.

I spent most of my career as a guitarist and compositional part of the alternative rock band Malaventura, taking two jobs to market, Yo o el caos (2010) and La Rueda y La Luna (2013). I’m also part of The bTales, an acoustic duo that pays tribute to The Beatles in a simple format for guitar and voice. Besides, I have collaborated in producing demos for local bands, recording soundtracks for theater productions and other small projects. I have always been surrounded by hardware and software dedicated to the creation and music production, recording my own demos and ideas in a home-studio environment.

I love to spend my free time with my family as I am a proud dad of 2 beautiful children aged 4 and 2. And apart from music, I’m a big fan of watching movies, reading books, mainly about art, history and technology, and sometimes I think I know almost everything about football.

The sum of all this makes me decide to start this project, which, personally, going beyond simple tribute to an album, but also an exercise in self discovery and hopefully the prelude to many other projects that I hope to accomplish through I learned in this Plastic Ono Man


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