Track #7: Love

(abajo en español)

Love is a delicate song which is such an island in the stormy sea as Plastic Ono Band is. An ode to love, something like a romantic poem of the nineteenth century. Simple in words, music and arrangement, puts John’s voice in front of you whispering that love is not just a word but also something to take care and to perform.

I wanted to cover the song as much similar to original as I could, so I got the help from Gerard Alonso and Tomi Perez to perform and to record the piano respectively. It is also a test for my voice, as I had never sung this way.

You can see in the video (edited by Gerard Baró) how it has been recorded. Hope you enjoy!

Love es una canción delicada que representa una isla en un mar tempestuoso como es Plastic Ono Band. Una oda al amor, algo así como un poema romántico del siglo XIX. Simple en palabras, música y arreglos, te pone la voz de John delante tuyo susurrándote que el amor no es sólo una palabra, sino también algo que cuidar y llevar a cabo.

Quería que el cover fuer lo más similar al original posible,  así que me pedí la ayuda de Gerard Alonso y Tomi Pérez para tocar y grabar el piano respectivamente. También es una prueba para mi voz, ya que nunca había cantado de esta manera.

En el video (editado por Gerard Baró) podéis ver como ha ido la grabación. Espero que lo disfrutéis!


Track #5: Isolation

One of my all-time favourite songs by John Lennon. This is a beautiful song who talks about feeling alone in this world, crowded and agressive to the people. Original was recorded again only by Lennon (piano and vocals), Starr (drums) and Voormann (bass), and it’s very remarkable the simple and direct instrumentation. I have changed a bit this, changing the piano song for a wurlitzer classic keyboard and added a simple guitar…John’s piano sound is unmatched!

We are now in the middle of the project, side one is finished and can’t wait to continue and record the next songs!

Hope you enjoy!

Este es uno de mis temas preferidos de John Lennon. Es una canción preciosa que habla del sentimiento de soledad que uno puede llegar a sentir en este mundo tan lleno de multitudes que a veces pueden ser tan agresivas con el individuo. Es una canción simple y directa, grabada únicamente con piano y voz (Lennon), batería (Starr) y bajo (Voormann). He cambiado algo el arreglo sustituyendo el piano por un teclado Wurlitzer y añadiendo una guitarra…el sonido de piano de John es inigualable!

Estamos a la mitad de proyecto, ya se ha completado la primera cara del disco y tengo muchas ganas de seguir con la segunda!

Espero que lo disfrutéis!

Track #2: Hold On

This is a very emotional song. It reveals the fragility of each of us in adversity that hurt us every day. Lennon sings for him, for Yoko and for everyone. “You have to hold on, that’s all you can do.” A hard one but, basically, it gives us an optimistic message: we will win this fight.

Hold On is the second cover of this tribute: A short song with a very crude instrumentation and interpretation. I really enjoyed playing with the tremolo effect on the guitar throughout the track. This song proves me that sometimes the simplest is really the most complicated.

Hope you enjoy!

Esta es una canción muy emocional. Revela la fragilidad de cada uno de nosotros ante las adversidades que nos hieren cada día. Lennon canta para él, para Yoko y para todo el mundo. “Tienes que aguantar, es lo único que puedes hacer”. Parece una canción dura pero, en el fondo, nos da un mensaje optimista: vamos a ganar esta lucha.

Hold On es la segunda canción de este tributo: un tema corto y con una instrumentación e interpretación muy crudas. He disfrutado muchísimo jugando con el efecto de tremolo en la guitarra durante toda la pista. Esta canción me demuestra que a veces lo más sencillo es realmente lo más complicado.

Espero que la disfrutéis!

The day it all started

Luckily I keep a photo of the day that I made the first recording for this project!

That day I took a morning off and I dedicated it to record myself: I wanted to try some things and, in a rather improvised way, I decided to record all the tracks of the song “Mother”: drums, bass, guitars and vocals. That was a year and a half ago!
Although I loved the result, the recording remained in the drawer until I decided to launch this project.
In addition to editing, mixing, and mastering this song, I have spent the last few months to record demos of the covers of Plastic Ono Band and I already started to record the final tracks.
I could have tried to record the song again but in the case of “Mother”, I preferred to keep the spirit of that morning so that the tracks I recorded that day are the same as you can hear next October 2.

Stay tuned!