New video for Track #1 “Mother”, a John Lennon cover by Plastic Ono Man

It’s a great pleasure to show you the first video created for Plastic Ono Man! Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

Directed by Gerard Baró.

Aerial Photography by Dave Danvers.

Sweetness and simpathy by Dina.

Cover of song “Mother” is recorded and performed by Manel Guerrero.

I have to say THANK YOU to the nice job done by the first contributors of the project. It’s an incredible way to start!!


Track #1: Mother

The song that opens the album  John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band. This is a masterpiece that Lennon wrote as a way to push away the ghosts of the past in reference to the early death of his mother and the non-relationship with his father.

I have not used the original instrumentation because I have based the cover on a bootleg recording which was actually a rehearsal for the final recording of the song. I am very proud of this recording as I only used two mics to record the whole instruments and vocals. You can visit the Covers page to download lyrics and see the credits.

Hope you enjoy!

La primera canción del álbum John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band. Se trata de una obra de arte que Lennon escribió a modo de espantar los fantasmas del pasado en referencia a la prematura muerte de su madre y la nula relación con su padre.

No he utilizado la instrumentación original del tema porque he basado el cover en una grabación no oficial que en realidad es un ensayo para la grabación final del disco. Estoy muy orgulloso de este cover ya que unicamente utilizé 2 micros para grabarlo todo. Podéis visitar la página Covers para bajar la letra y ver los créditos.