Gerard BaróGerard Baró is an audiovisual film-maker from Barcelona, a passionte of music and video. Although he defines himself as a man-orchestra and multidisciplinary, has mainly worked in television and in documentaries. In the field of music has worked for bands like Delafé y las Flores Azules, Élena, Narainá and Malaventura.

So far has directed the first video for Plastic Ono Man and in the future he will be linked to the audovisual side of the project. Thanks to him this aspect will have more and more value!


VicenVicen Martínez is a guitar player, songwriter and producer from Barcelona. He has participated in tours and recordings for several artists like Sidonie, Nena Daconte, Pablo López, La Rabia del Milenio, Calle Paris or Operación Triunfo. CEO founder at GuitarRec, an Online Recording Studio where he is taking over the musical direction, arrangements and coordination of contributor musicians. Currently is also working hard on his solo project Tripulante, releasing the first EP and starting the live shows to present it.

Vicen has played guitar and mixed I Found Out, providing expertise and good taste at all times!


kim_loloKim Fanlo is a musician and producer based in Barcelona that has its own recording studio (Wicked Sound) where all the tracks of I Found Out have been recorded. It’s a warm and  incredibly equipped studio.
He was a founding member of the successful duo Nena Daconte, with whom he won a major impact in Spain.
Currently combines his work as producer of various artists with the work as musician on tours of artists like Pablo López, Marinah (Ojos de Brujo) and 08001.
His participation as bass player has been a key factor to get the perfect sound and mood for the song!


GaboGabo is what we might call a complete musician: singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist capable of playing at a remarkable level drums, percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards…
Since the 90’s has been active in several indie bands like Nuncajamás, Azucarillo Kings, La Q Band, Zahorí and Wild Lush. He has also participated as a session musician on lots of projects of very different styles and backgrounds.
All this experience and skills are reflected in his solo project as “Gabo” and in the project is up: a cover tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta. Really looking forward to hear it!

He has been the groovy part of I Found Out giving the song the 70’s flavor it needed.


seteGerard  is a fantastic piano player born in Barcelona. Since childhood he studied classic, contemporary and jazz piano and music theory with several renowned teachers in schools like Skerzo or Esmuc where he got the degree.He has collaborated with some ensembles, Il Vole, Tangus Quintet or the Orquestra Simfònica de l’Esmuc and also was member of the progressive metal band Blue Coconut and now collaborating singer Nacho Melús, where he is also acting as composer.He has been also working in some musical theater productions like Ojos Verdes. Miguel de Molina In Memoriam, Le llaman Copla, T’estimo, ets perfecte, ja et canviaré, Babet and others.

Gerard has played the piano in the track “Love” providing the extra sensitivity that the song needed. I asked him to participate in this song since the beginning of the project and the results are great!


lucLuc Brandt is dedicated to photography since 5 years. He started being interested in architecture and later looking for details elsewhere. It was a good way to better understand the operation of the camera in manual mode. He discovered one of his strengths: observation and the way of framing the plans. Always trying to give another dimension to a classic photo.

He decided then to develop his abilities and started studying in Fotoespai (BCN) where he could learn technics and some new styles of photography like portraits, analog, fashion…After studying and having attended several types of workshops, he still has his personal projects and collaborations with the aim of expanding his technique and become someone in the world of professional photography.

Luc has collaborated in the video of Well Well Well, taking very good pictures to annonymous people he catched in street, capturing the reactions they had while listening to the original Lennon’s song. Thanks Luc, good job!


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