What’s Plastic Ono Man

PORTADAOne night in my home studio, listening to demos recorded just for fun, I realized that some of them belonged to the same album. I enjoyed them a lot, I really felt they had soul and became a little treasure for me. Shortly later I asked myself, “and why not record the whole album?”. Soon I had in my head a draft of what I wanted for my new project: a personal tribute to Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band.

Plastic Ono Man is a project born from the idea of paying tribute to one of the most important rock records ever to be created: the John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band.

A recreational and discovery exercise that aims to go beyond the simple recording of the songs. I intend to record each and every one of the songs on the album with a limited technology, basing the recordings in the interpretation of voice and instruments and I want to collect on this website as well as the other internet tools, all the information possible about which I believe is a unique album in rock history. There are lots of things behind the tracks of the John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band and my aim is to discover and share them with you.
This is a personal journey, being myself who plays, records and mixes the songs but also want it to be an open project: I would love to have the help of other musicians, graphic artists, video producers and anyone who thinks they can bring something to this music adventure.

In addition, the recording of these covers is also an exercise in learning and growth as a musician and is intended as a starting point for new projects.

Get ready and enjoy!


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