Track #3: I Found Out

I Found Out is one of the heaviest songs on the Plastic Ono Band. Acid both in the lyrics and the sound of the original track. John Lennon says “ah ok, ok, now I realize what’s happening, I ‘m not a kid”. Blaming the press, critics or crazy fans of The Beatles legacy. And all this speech over a raw and saturated instrumental base to levels that were only seen in the recording of “Revolution”, where the guitar plugged directly into the console channel saturated to the top almost makes burning the Abbey Road console!
For this recording I momentarily parked the idea of being only me who records all the instruments by my own and with my equipment and have recruited three incredible musicians to form a one-day-band and record I Found Out at Wicked Sound studios in Barcelona. Alongside Vicen Martinez (guitar), Kim Fanlo (bass) and Gabo (drums) have recorded this cover trying to get closer to the sound and spirit of the power trio formed by Lennon, Starr and Voormann. It has been an incredible experience for me and I can not help but be grateful for your support!
The video recording is created by Gerard Baró, who has managed to capture the atmosphere of the recording and, as always, bring his great talent to this project.

I Found Out es una de las canciones más duras del Plastic Ono Band. Tanto por lo ácido de la letra como por el sonido de la pista original. John Lennon nos explica “ah ok, ok, ya me doy cuenta de qué pasa, ya no soy un crío”. Cargando contra la prensa, la crítica o los fans locos herencia de The Beatles. Y todo este discurso sobre una base instrumental cruda y saturada a niveles que solo se habían visto en la grabación de “Revolution”, donde la guitarra conectada directamente al canal de la mesa de mezclas saturado a tope casi hace arder la mesa de mezclas de Abbey Road.
Para esta grabación he aparcado momentáneamente la idea de ser yo quien grabe todos los instrumentos solo con mis medios y he reclutado a tres músicos increibles para formar una banda por un día y grabar I Found Out en los estudios Wicked Sound de Barcelona. Junto a Vicen Martinez (guitarra), Kim Fanlo (bajo) y Gabo (drums) hemos grabado este cover intentando acercarnos al sonido y el espíritu del power trio formado por Lennon, Voormann y Starr. Ha sido una experiencia increible para mi y no puedo hacer otra cosa que agradecer su apoyo!
El video de la grabación es obra de Gerard Baró, que ha conseguido captar el ambiente de la grabación y, como siempre, aportar su gran talento a este proyecto.


The day it all started

Luckily I keep a photo of the day that I made the first recording for this project!

That day I took a morning off and I dedicated it to record myself: I wanted to try some things and, in a rather improvised way, I decided to record all the tracks of the song “Mother”: drums, bass, guitars and vocals. That was a year and a half ago!
Although I loved the result, the recording remained in the drawer until I decided to launch this project.
In addition to editing, mixing, and mastering this song, I have spent the last few months to record demos of the covers of Plastic Ono Band and I already started to record the final tracks.
I could have tried to record the song again but in the case of “Mother”, I preferred to keep the spirit of that morning so that the tracks I recorded that day are the same as you can hear next October 2.

Stay tuned!