The day it all started

Luckily I keep a photo of the day that I made the first recording for this project!

That day I took a morning off and I dedicated it to record myself: I wanted to try some things and, in a rather improvised way, I decided to record all the tracks of the song “Mother”: drums, bass, guitars and vocals. That was a year and a half ago!
Although I loved the result, the recording remained in the drawer until I decided to launch this project.
In addition to editing, mixing, and mastering this song, I have spent the last few months to record demos of the covers of Plastic Ono Band and I already started to record the final tracks.
I could have tried to record the song again but in the case of “Mother”, I preferred to keep the spirit of that morning so that the tracks I recorded that day are the same as you can hear next October 2.

Stay tuned!



Welcome!! / ¡¡Bienvenidos!!

Hi! With this post today Plastic Ono Man is born. A project that wants to be a tribute to one of the best rock albums of all time: “John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band“.

My goal is to record by myself  the 11 songs that comprise the album and share the process with you. To discover all the nuances and details of this historical record and share all the information possible about the album, its author, John Lennon,  and those who made this masterpiece.

From the first idea that came to embark on this adventure I have been working and researching in order to take on this challenge. Plastic Ono Band is a very special record: honest, hard and raw. But I know that to dive into the songs, chords, arrangements and production, to enjoy the music from the perspective of a cover and share all this process and felings will be a great experience and that I will learn a lot. As well as working with collaborations already planned and others that will surely come.

I welcome and thank you for visiting and sharing this page.
I hope you find interesting and you continue to follow this project.

The first song, one of the most iconic, “Mother“, will be released on October 2nd.

Come on!



Con este post hoy nace Plastic Ono Man. Un proyecto que quiere ser un tributo a uno de los mejores discos de rock de todos los tiempos: “John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band“.

Mi objetivo es grabar por mi mismo las 11 canciones que componen el album y compartir el proceso con vosotros. Descubrir todos los matices y detalles de esta histórica grabación y compartir toda la información posible sobre el album, su autor, John Lennon, y aquellos que hicieron posible esta obra maestra.

Desde que surgió la primera idea de embarcarme en esta aventura he estado trabajando e investigando para poder asumir este reto. Es un disco muy sincero, duro y crudo. Pero sé que el sumergirme en las canciones, los acordes, los arreglos y la producción; disfrutar de la música desde la óptica de un cover y compartir el proceso y lo que voy sintiendo al hacerlo va a ser una gran experiencia y también un gran aprendizaje. Así como trabajar con las colaboraciones previstas y las que seguro vendrán.

Os doy la bienvenida y las gracias por visitar y compartir esta página.
Espero que la encontréis interesante y que queráis seguir este proyecto.

La primera canción, una de las más icónicas, “Mother“, será lanzada el próximo 2 de octubre.

Vamos allá!